Online Horse Racing Betting

Where other sports organizations frown on betting, horse racing actually embraces it. Much of the money you see in horse racing comes from people who bet on the outcome. In fact, numerous track owners have stated that they would go out of business if it wasn't for betting. For better or worse, horse racing and gambling are closely intertwined

The close relationship between betting and racing is great for the fans though. You're under no obligation to bet on races, but the option is always there. You can visit tracks in person to place wagers or do it the easy way and bet from home. We're big online gaming fans here, so we're going to focus most of this discussion on the online aspect of horse racing.

Where to Bet on Horses Online

Horse racing bets can be placed at both online sportsbooks and specialty sites that focus exclusively on horses. In both types of sites, the basic idea is the same. You pick your track, check out the upcoming races and place bets on the horses you like the most. Both types of sites offer all the same types of wagers that you would see at an actual track.

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TopBet is not only known for sports betting but also for horse racing. They offer opportunity to bet on all the major horse races from around the globe year round.

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Betting on horse racing is one of the strong points at BetOnline. Also be sure to take full advantage of any promotions that they are running when you sign up.

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Horse racing betting is something that thrives at. They offer competetive odds and they allow you to make a wide variety of bets.

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The best horse betting sites excel in three key areas:

  1. Security
  2. Track selection
  3. Bet variety

We consider those the "big 3" when it comes to choosing a site. Security is always our number one priority because without that, none of the rest matters. It's not always easy to determine how "safe" a site is, but you can run online searches and ask other bettors what they think. Good old-fashioned experience goes a long ways as well.

Some of the most trusted horse racing websites have been around for ages. If you've been involved in the hobby for any length of time, you just kind of know which sites are reputable and which are not. If you're totally new, just take a look at our recommendations. Those are all high quality places to bet real money on horses.

Track selection is another important one because it's nice to have that variety. Some of the bigger sites cover racetracks around the world and therefore have new bets on offer every day. If you ever seriously get into horse handicapping, you'll be glad you picked a site with a healthy track selection.

The variety of bets is important because it's always good to have options. There's no good reason to limit yourself to straight-up bets on one horse to win the race. A wide range of betting options gives you more opportunities to set up profitable wagers.

Live Video

One of the big improvements made by the online racing industry was to cut deals with track owners that allowed the sites to host streaming racing video. Now, you can place a bet on a horse and watch in real time as that horse rushes to the finish line. It may not sound like a big deal, but it adds a lot to that excitement factor when you have money on the line and can watch your horse compete against the field right in front of you.

At most sites, you don't even have to make a deposit or place a bet to watch the video. Simply having an account is enough to give you access to the day's races. It's the next best thing to getting in your car and driving to the track.

Major Racing Events

Horse races take place every day, but a few major events account for the majority of betting dollars. Big events such as the Triple Crown attract millions of dollars' worth of bets every single year. These are the races where the best horses and the biggest bettors come together to make an event of it.

It's a good idea to keep tabs on the biggest races around the world because horse racing sites tend to host special promotions for those events. You will often see special wagers, cash-back promotions and contests that give out massive payouts for customers who make the best picks. Plus, it's just fun to take part in the long tradition of the world's biggest races.

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