Best Online Sports Betting Sites

The internet is the best venue for sports betting by a long shot. You can make arguments either way with casino games and poker, but sports betting is clearly served best by the internet. Unlike other forms of gaming, sports betting doesn't rely on dealers, other players or physical game pieces. All you need are up-to-date lines and a little money to wager.

Not only is online sports betting convenient, but it also gives you access to dozens of sites. If one site doesn't serve you well, you can easily try a different book. The internet also makes it easy to compare lines between numerous sites so that you always get the best odds for your bets.

However, these advantages only apply if you pick the right sports betting sites for your business. Most betting sites are perfectly legitimate places to play, but there are just enough bad apples out there that it pays to choose carefully.

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TopBet is known for it's sports betting. They offer a huge variety of different sports to bet on and plenty of ways that you can bet on those sports.

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The sports betting at BetOnline is known all around. They have gained a strong reputation for people being able to make safe bets and being able to withdraw in a timely manner.

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Just like their name suggests, they are well-known for betting on sports. You will be able to find pretty much anything you want here and they offer a 25% deposit bonus.

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New to Sports Betting? Start Here

Sports betting doesn't have to be complicated. The key is to get a basic understanding of how sports bets are set up. Simply put, your goal in sports betting is to predict the outcome of future sports contests.

This generally means picking one team or the other to win the game, but it can also include predicting the final score or how long the match will last (such as in picking how many rounds a boxing match will last).If your prediction is correct, you win money.

Where newcomers start to get confused is in how the odds work. In almost every matchup, one team is viewed as more likely to win. If you have the best team in the league preparing to face off against the worst team, you can assume the odds favor the best team. Sportsbooks need a way to make both sides of every bet worthwhile. Otherwise, everyone would always just bet on the dominant team.

That is where the odds come into play. Sportsbooks alter the payouts of every matchup to reflect the perceived difference in skill between teams or contestants. Wagers on dominant teams pay less while wagers on underdogs pay more. See this page for a complete explanation of how the odds work:

Once you understand how sports betting odds work, it all starts to make sense. With that knowledge, you can visit any betting site and place bets with confidence. The odds always tell you exactly how much money you are risking and how much you stand to win.

The basic idea behind odds applies to all different types of bets. Everything from straight-up bets on the winner to oddball prop bets uses this basic application of the odds. And so, the next logical step for the sports betting newbie is to understand the different types of sports bets:

Now that you know how it all works, you can get on to the fun stuff. And let me tell you - your journey is just beginning. There is so much to know about sports betting that you could spend a lifetime studying it and still learn something new every day. Just take a look at how many books have been published about sports betting and you'll see what I mean.

It's one thing to take up sports betting as a casual hobby. But if you plan on taking it seriously and making real money, then you'll need to put in the work just like everyone else. That's OK though because it's a fun journey. The more you learn, the more you'll come to love sports betting.

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